Choose. (Part III)

“You are everything.” That’s what I’ve told myself a million times. You might not be everything to every single person on Earth, but there are a lot of people on this planet. You are everything that someone is looking for. They’re going to be happy with you. They’re not going to constantly criticize you or try to change who you are at your core. How you come as-is, is good enough. 

That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges or rifts here and there. Your partner is going to have bones to pick with you. We can all stand to grow in our mindsets, behaviors, habits, etc. That’s why having the right partner who can lovingly bring out the best in you is key. And even when you two are not at your best, the right partner is thinking, “Wow! You are Heaven sent. Thank God we found each other.” More often than not, that’s how it should feel for both people.

And if at any time it stops being that way, you can part ways on good terms — maybe even as friends — knowing that what you had was something special and beautiful. You don’t have to cuss and yell, disrespect or mistreat, cheat and deceive. Life is so precious. Time is invaluable. Please don’t waste yours or anyone else’s. This literally falls under the category of “making something simple, hard.” 

Life’s ebbs and flows, milestones, pivotal moments, etc. will inevitably bring couples closer together or pull them apart. Even things that are wholly “good,” can shift people away from each other. Sometimes compatibility wanes and people stop being a good fit for each other.

That sucks. Especially when you’ve been working hard. Fighting. Giving it your all. Been laser focused. Have tons of time invested. Jointly own property and businesses. Have intertwined your families and friend groups. Made beautiful babies together. What a mess. At some point, though – and only you will know when that is – you are ultimately fighting against the current instead of flowing with it. Keep. It. Simple. 

I hope to take this approach in my life moving forward, knowing that I am everything because I am uniquely and wondrously designed by the master architect with the master plan. I deserve a partner who sees me as He does (or as close as possible; we’re human, so we all fall short). And my partner deserves the same energy and mindset from me.

You never deserve to feel “less than” or like you’re not checking a ton of arbitrary boxes on a list. I’ve been there. It is confusing, demoralizing, frustrating, and painful. None of us have to feel that way – ever – because we can make choices. It is one of life’s greatest gifts. Free will. The ability and right to choose. So, choose.

Choose happiness. Choose joy. Choose peace. Choose prosperity. Choose love. 


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