Long Time. No Hear.

I promised myself, and my readers, that I would not let this blog fall by the wayside. Alas, life happened but I’m back! It’s been almost two months since we last spoke, so here’s a few updates:


It was a lot of fun! Of course! Homecoming is fun in a different way since graduation. Since I am an alumna — and therefore one of the people Homecoming is for — I get something different from partaking in the grand cultural event known as Howard University’s Homecoming. Being on the yard gave me inner joy. I could literally feel my spirit lighting up. And I got to re-connect with so many people who I went through Howard with but who I don’t get to see very often because they are off being what Howard intended – GREAT! And greatness usually equals busy and M.I.A. So, it’s all good!

It’s a good thing a lot of people who I went to school with were there or I would have felt a bit like a stranger. I didn’t recognize any of the faces of current students (old, much?).

Howard tweaked a little with the $50 tickets for damn near everything. Since I was getting ready for a move at the time, I passed on official events but did splurge on the Howard Alumni party known as “1000 Bottles.” And while I didn’t do an official count, it did seem like there were 1000 Bottles in attendance.

Good job to the organizers for putting on a classy and poppin’ event!

I can’t wait til’ next year. Hopefully everyone will still be happy, healthy and upholding the Howard legacy of prosperity and service to the global community. Until then, HU – YOU KNOOOOOOOW!

DC -> MD

My friend Jenise flew in from Chicago and she really helped me get everything unpacked in my new place. Good friends = a God send. Shout out to the three handsome Russians from American Moving Service who transported my ton of stuff. They were really good and smiled all the way through the rain, hail and snow that happened that day. (I know, it never fails.) They really were good movers, though. They are based out of Ellicott City, Md. and offer a really good rate. Check them out!

Anyway, I haven’t had a chance to explore my neighborhood in its entirety but I can say it seems to be a peaceful, family-oriented community. And for a fatty like me, the food perks are endless. A Sarku Japan, an Asian Delight, a Boston Market, a 24-hour McDonald’s, a big ol’ Giant (that is clean and well-stocked, I might add) and like three 7-11’s are in walking distance. A few miles up the road, there is an Outback, a Friday’s and best of all…CHIPOTLE. All I can say is #winning.


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