So, it’s a new year and I am genuinely excited. I’ve always loved the holiday season but how I feel this time around goes beyond the festivities. For the first time in my life, I’ve made resolutions…I think.

As a writer and someone who blew the English section of the SAT out of the water, I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I don’t really know what “resolution” means.

*Looks up resolution*

Ok, a resolution is “a formal expression of opinion or intention made,” “a resolve or determination,” or “firmness of purpose.”

Wow, that definition sends chills down my spine. That’s deep. And indeed, I have made resolutions. Yippee!

A few days before New Year’s Eve, I was sitting on my bed back in Philly. Suddenly, I had the urge to type up some things I wanted to do and accomplish throughout 2012. So, I opened the Note app on my phone and…well, I won’t reveal all just yet but I will say that my resolutions revolve around God, healthfulness, creativity and the pursuit of knowledge.

Furthermore, I am putting an emphasis on the quality of my relationships. I was born into a loving and devoted family. Blessing! I have also come across many great non-relatives over the course of my life, many of who I am truly honored to call “friend.” Double blessing!

However, I’ve been through some things as of late that have made me realize how fragile relationships of all kinds can potentially be no matter how strong they may seem.

Loved ones and the jewels they bring to your life are precious. That being said, I have vowed to myself that I will bring trust, compromise, communication and commitment to every relationship I have.

So, that’s it guys! If the weariness of trying to fulfill all my resolutions this year doesn’t kill me, who knows…maybe they will cease to be resolutions and simply become the way I live my life…always.


One thought on “Resolute.

  1. Mercia, Mommy is so proud of you! I too looked up the word resolution! I suddenly became afflicted with goose bumps! You really are deep, I love it! You know where you got that from, right?

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