Shot Down

Yesterday during my morning commute, Russ Parr’s voice came through the radio, announcing that the Senate had failed to pass a bipartisan bill that would require background checks for would-be gun owners. The purpose of the bill is basically to prevent convicted felons and mentally ill persons from getting their hands on firearms. Of course, lobbying groups such as the NRA spun the bill to … Continue reading Shot Down

When Lightning Hits The Plane: Testing Out “No Fear”

The strength of spirit and character required to stand up against any force — worldly or supernatural — is no easy task. I’m sure if you were to take the most “fearless” leaders we’ve ever known, and dig into their psyches, you’d be able to find a fear or two. Sure, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Joan of Arc and Ida B. Wells … Continue reading When Lightning Hits The Plane: Testing Out “No Fear”

No Fear.

After a lifetime of finding my way through a multitude of awkward and unfortunate situations, I dubbed myself courageous and the master of perseverance. How wrong was I? I’m pretty good at taking care of business but somewhere, somehow I began to settle for the ordinary instead of seeking and reaching for the next level in everything I do. You’re probably thinking, “Oh, you got … Continue reading No Fear.

Still Just A Dream…But A Good One

I was feeling like my black-card should be revoked because I live in the DMV and hadn’t been to the MLK Memorial. Well, on a whim, that changed Sunday. Just south of the Washington Monument, Dr. King appears distinguished and dignified emerging from “the stone of hope,” with his most memorable quotes surrounding him. He gazes out towards Thomas Jefferson’s memorial. Yeah, he’s our “founding … Continue reading Still Just A Dream…But A Good One