When Lightning Hits The Plane: Testing Out “No Fear”

The strength of spirit and character required to stand up against any force — worldly or supernatural — is no easy task.

I’m sure if you were to take the most “fearless” leaders we’ve ever known, and dig into their psyches, you’d be able to find a fear or two.

Sure, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Joan of Arc and Ida B. Wells appeared fearless. At times, they may have even said, “I’m not afraid.” But I’m left wondering what led these extraordinary people to “no fear.”


Was it a burning desire to create lasting change in the world? Or, like Fannie Lou Hamer, was it just the result of “being sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

When people say “no fear,” are they saying it to pump themselves up or to inspire others? Maybe both. Maybe that’s how they really feel, even if only for a moment.

Imagine your personal hero — beating the odds with nothing but sheer will, pummeling through adversity and opposition in every form. There’s no backing down, there’s no letting up. Victory has burned a permanent impression on the heart and soul. Nothing can put his or her purpose asunder.


Now, imagine that same hero — leaping onto a chair in a single bound as his or her peripheral vision catches a mouse running across the floor.


I’m not scared to be held in contempt in the court of public opinion and I really don’t concern myself with my own death, but if a centipede walks on my wall, a cockroach crosses my path, or a bee buzzes by my ear –> Usain Bolt.


Some things you just don’t play with! Does this mean I have little faith in God? No, it means I’m a human being with moments of uncertainty. Sometimes, I feel unprepared, inadequate and unworthy. In those moments of self-doubt, fear may creep in.

I’m not proud of this, especially since I know fear is a bigger illusion that the greatest magician could ever conjure up.

But that’s my practical side speaking. That’s me at my best. That’s me when every single thing in life doesn’t seem to be going wrong. There are times, though, when I have to go beyond this human form to channel that resolute “no fear.”

You see, when I scream “no fear,” I’m proclaiming to the universe that I’ll do whatever is required. No fear doesn’t mean be foolish. I don’t need to go around blowing up beehives to prove I’m not afraid, but if a bee were to chase one of my toddling cousins, homie would be swatted with a vengeance — no questions asked.

Funny how we overcome our “fears” as necessary. That right there is the higher power empowering us to do what is required despite perceived constraints.

Is that not where our greatest heroes drew their strength from?






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