Coveting What “Jane” Has

As much as I enjoy hearing about others doing well, I don’t particularly care for the effect it has on other people. Let me explain through fictitious example:

Let’s say one of my dearest friends references another associate, saying, “Jane just got a promotion and a big award. She also loss 20 pounds in a month and will be a guest correspondent on “E!” this weekend — interviewing Beyonce and Jay-Z about Blue Ivy!”

My friend is smiling, eyes twinkling. You may mirror his or her enthusiasm. Good for you. Here’s my face: –_______–

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m in awe of Jane, too, but I’m also feeling a little inferior. Why can’t these things be happening to me so that my friend can be all giddy about me? You see, it’s not about what Jane is doing. It’s about the reaction her success produces.

As an only child, sometimes I just want to be left alone and allowed to go into a deep, dark pit of solitude. And other times, I want to be the center of attention that everyone is gushing over. I go back and forth between the two at least ten times a day. I guess that means I’m sociopathic and narcissistic at the same damn time.

Or maybe I’m just a flawed human being.

Either way, while I’m wishing all of Jane’s good fortune and glory on myself, I’m not considering Jane’s journey.

Who knows what struggles, obstacles, fights, sleepless nights, pain and general hardship Jane had to endure to lose that weight, earn that promotion and receive that award.

And knowing Hollyweird, only God knows what Jane had to do to get that guest spot on “E!” (just saying).

That being said, it’s not right for me to mentally pilfer Jane’s jewels. These are the things God has for her and whatever he has for me, is for me.

Instead of coveting what the Janes of your life have going on, remember that God has already designed your gem-encrusted treasure chest — and it’s customized. This chest is filled with treats and goodies. He’s just waiting for you to go on a treasure hunt and claim your destiny.


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