Springing Forward

Ok. Eventually I will get this right. To date, I haven’t exactly made this blog a top priority but I think about ContraVerseSee all the time. For once, I have the two conditions necessary for me to write — a spare moment and an uncluttered mind. Both happening at the same time is rare. In short, I have a lot going on right now.

At work, the kids are only a month from state testing. Naturally, we teachers are under more pressure than they are {sense my sarcasm}. While I understand that educators need to be accountable for kids actually learning what they should, I will never comprehend why D.C. calls for 50% of a teacher’s yearly evaluation to come from kids’ test scores. In most states, standardized test scores count for between 20% and 30% — this makes more sense. Hopefully, the District will follow suit one day. Until then, I am uber-focused on delivering great instruction, making tight lesson plans, coming up with engaging activities, etc.

Anyway, by the time I get home at night, the only thing I usually want to see on my computer screen is a funny video or a cute pair of pumps. It’s all good, though. At least it’s not pitch-black when I leave work now and the kids are (finally) onboard with becoming great mathematicians — at least until mid-April. As of late, it’s not unusual for one of them to look at another and say “Would you be quiet?!? It’s crunch time!” LOL! #LOVEIT

Speaking of April, Spring Break is upon us. For most people my age, the mystique of SB has begun to die down. However, when you’re a teacher, you are always reminded of Spring Break because school shuts down for it. What this means for me is a solid 10 days off, weekends included. I wish I could say I had something extraordinary planned but I’m broke (or should I say all of my money is accounted for).

I got a nice lil’ something back from the Feds when I filed my taxes but I decided to be responsible and put most of that money into my saving account. I left a little out for new tires and a few pieces to spruce up my Spring wardrobe, but I digress. It’s cool. Nowadays, the weather seems to always be nice no matter what time of year it is, so I’m sure I will get to lounge on someone’s island once or twice before the year’s over. A quick trip to Miami or another stint in Jamaica sure would be nice, though.

I do have Spring Break options. I’m considering going to Detroit with a few of my girls. I’m dying to get one of those Coney dogs I hear everyone talk about so much and I want to see 8 Mile. Don’t worry, If I go, I’ll be sure to pack my bulletproof vest. Safety first. 🙂

Now, I didn’t want to talk about this prematurely but a couple of months ago, I applied to be a corps member advisor (CMA) at Teach For America’s Philadelphia Institute this summer. Even though I made it to the second round, the phone interview was an intense 90-minutes of role play and Q&A — so I didn’t want to get too excited. A few days ago, though, when I received the e-mail that started with “Congratulations” I went ballistic!

This is a huge opportunity I’ve been blessed with and I am really looking forward to training new corps members. It’s nice to know that a prestigious organization all about great teaching thinks I have what it takes to teach other people how to teach!

I still remember going through summer Institute — the 18-hour days, the inevitable sleep deprivation, the endless sessions on literacy and curriculum. It’s nice to be on the other side of the fence. The 18-hour days and sleep deprivation continues, though. 😛

I’m amped! I get to be in my hometown all summer, doing something meaningful. Even better? My partner-in-crime Khabria is going to be a CMA, too! Not only am I going to have fun but this position is going to GLOW on my résumé and put a nice piece of change in my pocket. Thank you GOD!

Things haven’t been “all work, no play” for me, though. I’ve spent a considerable amount of the free time I do have partying hearty! I was sooo over the club scene but these last few weekends? Party. Animal. Hey, I have to blow off steam some way! Hehe!


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