Seasons, Part I: A Midsummer’s Night Dream

There’s a season for everything. To be born. To die. To live. And in living, we connect with many other people. Many other souls. Some hang around for a lifetime (or what seems like one). Others linger momentarily or pass right by. Some people find a way to get inside us, causing massive transformation – for better or worse.  But even what appears to be … Continue reading Seasons, Part I: A Midsummer’s Night Dream


It’s the 26th week of the year. We’re officially halfway through 2021. Wow. The hours, days, and weeks are truly flying by. When I relaunched my blog at the top of the year, I had a plan to post weekly. On a schedule. Like clockwork. But I quickly realized that this approach felt contrived. Disingenuous. I have to write as things come to me, touch me. … Continue reading Life.

Sovereignty (Feel, Part II)

feel/fēl/verb be aware of (a person or object) through touching or being touched; experience (an emotion or sensation) Feelings can truly be one of the most enigmatic concepts to grasp. I’ve always been an emotional person. Even as a kid, I laughed very easily and cried in kind. But I’ve also been slow to anger and quick to forgive. Maybe to own detriment. Maybe it … Continue reading Sovereignty (Feel, Part II)